As the world comes to grips with climate change, companies must now find realistic, sustainable solutions to energy and water efficiency.

From carbon footprint assessments to power co-generation and guaranteed energy savings, TES has the International experience, understanding and capability to help your company achieve a greener, more efficient future.

TES has exclusive access to some of the world’s finest technologies including the scalable, precision German engineered, compact cogeneration power plants by Schmitt Enertec, as part of the TES Energy Centre range.

These packaged energy efficient power plants are available in a range of sizes from 80kW to 2MW. These units utilise either natural gas or bio gas as the primary power source to produce electricity, steam, hot & chilled water.

TESJourney® is a comprehensive one-stop solution package where we can review, plan, implement and manage the reduction of your carbon footprint over time with accredited verified results.

TESJourney® Partners gain the confidence and peace of mind that they have a sustainable program in place to meet their environmental responsibilities whilst saving money and improving their own productivity.