About TES


TES delivers a world-class energy and water efficiency solutions platform for our clients both nationally and overseas.

Our mission is to enhance customer’s growth by delivering long-term, financially sound, energy and water solutions using advanced technologies, which are reliable, efficient, competitive and environmentally sustainable. TES utilises an holistic approach to provide maximum efficiency returns, financial savings and environmental benefits for our clients.


Our commitment to excellence on an International level has been enhanced through key strategic alliances such as our complementary energy services relationship with Kaltimex Energy. Since 1995, Kaltimex Energy has specialised in the design, construction, ownership, and maintenance of small-scale independent power generation and co-generation plants (1MW to 20MW) for private sector manufacturing plants, major resorts and government energy utilities.

Kaltimex Energy is a diverse energy services business operating in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. With its multi-disciplinary work force of over 100 people, Kaltimex Energy is able to provide additional resources to assist Total Energy Solutions in project delivery.

This international expertise and experience is leveraged by Total Energy Solutions in our project planning and delivery, particularly for highly specialised energy projects such as embedded co-generation and Independent Power Projects (IPP’s).

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