TES has developed a strategic approach to achieving your efficiency goals over the short and long term.

TES adopts a comprehensive engineering based methodology which takes an holistic view of energy and water efficiency opportunities across an entire facility.

The key driver for TES is to reduce the energy and water footprint of the facility, whilst ensuring that the facility continues to deliver high quality products or services.

This requires TES to undertake a detailed engineering study of how the facility currently operates, and then to consider those technologies which can be designed and integrated by TES to achieve the optimum level of energy and water savings.

Through a comprehensive commissioning structure which offers clarity, clear project expectations and guaranteed results, TES has the experience to provide a solution package to achieve your efficiency outcomes. Comprehensive attention to detail with dedicated project management ensures all critical path elements are kept on track and are fully reported throughout the whole process.

In fact, TES has further refined the communication of their business approach into three key words – Solutions, Technologies, Journey

Solutions – the provision of key services to help your business save money, energy, water and reduce your carbon footprint.

Technologies – represents a range of energy efficient products showcasing innovative engineering, available exclusively through TES.

Journey – A one-stop program to manage your environmental responsibilities and potentially those of your clients.