TES Energy Centres


TES has developed an innovative platform that can save the customer 25-30% of their energy and water costs per year.

The TES Energy Centre refers to a package of equipment specifically designed and installed by TES to generate electricity, hot and/or chilled water, and perhaps steam as well.

The TES Energy Centre incorporates cogeneration or trigeneration applications, which simply means the production of two or more outputs (electricity, hot water, chilled water, steam) from the combustion of a single fuel. In the case of TES Energy Centres, the fuel will typically be either natural gas or bio gas (produced from organic fuel stocks such as sugar cane waste (bagasse), rice husks, macadamia nuts, methane gas from waste water treatment plants etc).

TES Energy Centres can meet a client’s electrical demand ranging from 80kW to 20MW, using a range of reciprocating gas engines or gas turbines, combined in various configurations to achieve the optimum balance of meeting both electrical and thermal (heating and cooling) needs in the most cost effective manner.

TES has the specialist in-house engineering expertise to evaluate the most cost effective and technically suitable Energy Centre to meet the clients’ needs, and then to provide the turnkey service to design and install the TES Energy Centre.

TES can also provide the necessary funding for the Energy Centre project, and provide a Build, Own, Operate service to the client, with a transfer of asset ownership from TES to the client after 10 – 20 years of operation (a BOOT scheme).

TES has access to the world’s leading engine and turbine manufacturers as well as the ancillary equipment such as heat exchangers, absorption chillers, radiators, controls, exhaust systems etc. to ensure that a fully integrated TES Energy Centre is delivered and installed by TES at the clients’ facilities.

Through the TES Energy Centre strategy we can rationalize your energy and heating/cooling requirements and provide more efficient, lower cost solutions located on the customer’s site.

 TES Energy Centre Booklet