Product Range & Specifications


Through a process of continuous sourcing of innovative and efficient products TES has access to some of the world’s leading efficiency technologies.

To enhance the TES Energy Centre range, TES now has exclusive access to the Schmitt Enertec suite of compact cogeneration packaged plants which arrive on a customer’s site fully enclosed in a metal frame. Schmitt Enertec have operated in Germany for over 30 years, and their cogeneration plants are based on Mercedes engine technology. They range in capacity from 80kW to 2 MW, with applications in commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, factories, waste water treatment plants and aquatic centres.

Currently, Schmitt Enertec compact cogeneration plants are installed in over 20 countries around the world, with a combined installed electrical generation capacity of over 300 MW in electrical demand.

For more details of the Schmitt Enertec range of products, please see the accompanying brochures and the dynamic link to the Schmitt Enertec website.

To address the cooling needs of the TES Energy Centres, we also have exclusive access to the Voltas range of absorption chillers.

These chillers utilize the waste heat from the generation engines or turbines to produce chilled water.

Absorption chillers can also be directly fuelled by natural gas when there is no need for electricity to be produced.

For more details of the Voltas range of chillers, please refer to the attached brochures or the Voltas website link.