TES Journey
About TESJourney


TES has recognised the complexity of climate change response issues for our clients and developed a one-stop program to cater for those needs.

The TES Journey Program is a fully integrated suite of services to address not only your climate change regulatory requirements, but more importantly, the positive opportunities for increased shareholder value and acknowledged environmental leadership. The TES Journey Program delivers and guarantees long term energy savings which enhance your competitive advantage and your employee’s satisfaction with your responsible corporate culture.


TES Journey Program can manage a diversity of energy and water solutions, integrating advancing technologies such as Trigeneration, Cogeneration and Renewable Energy across your multiple facility portfolios.The TES Journey Program can provide the necessary expert resources across a diverse range of services to guide your progress along the path of climate change solutions, saving you the need to deploy a team internally, source new personnel, or contract with a raft of organisations to meet the range of your greenhouse gas obligations over the long term.

The TES Journey Program gives you the opportunity to position your organisation as a provider of climate change solutions to your clients as well.
The Journey Program can be used under licence from TES to provide a comprehensive range of services to your own clientele. The Journey progress towards carbon footprint reduction by your company or your clients will be fully documented by TES, and certified where appropriate to ensure confirmation of results to stakeholders and shareholders alike.

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