TES Journey
Stakeholder Benefits


It is not just important to do the ‘right thing’ but to be seen to do the ‘right thing’.

The TESJourney Program offers a roadmap for how your company can respond to the issues of climate change in a holistic, integrated and cost effective manner.

A Journey Pack which includes material to promote Journey internally, recognising the cultural change philosophy of sustainability needs to be adopted by all employees across the organisation. We envisage that Journey material can also be used externally to let your clients know your commitment to addressing climate change issues in a practical manner.

The TES Journey Program also provides a carbon offset service so your organisation can move towards carbon neutrality, by authorising the planting of trees through an accredited organisation as part of its mix of greenhouse action plans. When you join the Journey Program, your initial commitment towards sustainability is recognised by TES arranging for the planting 10 trees and registering your carbon offset plan, for each Journey Pack taken by the organisation.

Members of the TES Journey Program may use the Journey Partner Logo in their internal and external communications to promote public awareness of their commitment to addressing climate change issues. Newsletters and interactive meetings with other Journey Partner members to share success stories about individual journey experiences will become regular features of the TES Journey Program, with co-ordination through a special link on the TES website.