TES Journey
Carbon Neutrality

The term “carbon neutrality” has arisen as more and more organisations want to show they are taking a leading role in the climate change debate, by achieving a position of zero CO2

However, there are many ways to achieve so called carbon neutrality.

The TES Journey Program is based on the principle that our clients are prepared to make a commitment to directly reduce their own carbon emissions as well as participate in other indirect measures (such as the purchase of carbon offsets, the planting of trees, the purchase of Emissions Trading Credits etc) to further reduce their CO2 footprint towards a neutral (zero) emissions equivalent.

The TES Journey Program produces a long term greenhouse gas reduction strategy for our clients. What ever level of carbon reduction our clients wish to achieve, right through to carbon neutrality, TES will work with the client to identify a mix of direct and indirect measures which, once implemented over time, will achieve the desired level of carbon reduction.

The TES Journey Program takes a company wide stance, looking at all facets of the client’s operations (nationally and internationally), and if appropriate, those of its key suppliers and its key customers.

The TES Journey Program can be licenced from TES, and be applied to both upstream and downstream components of a company’s value chain, to ensure consistency and commitment towards the global objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.