TES opens into China

Queensland contributing to cleaner, greener future for China

Shanghai: A Queensland company is helping to build a cleaner, greener China for the future, succeeding in exporting its energy reduction solutions to benefit high-use clients in Shanghai.

Trade Minister Stephen Robertson said that Total Energy Solutions (TES), had recently completed a $700,000 contract to reduce energy consumption at Shanghai’s Yueyang Hospital by more than 10%, and had just signed on to provide similar services at the Shanghai No.3 Hospital.

“Based at Chermside in Brisbane, TES designs and installs efficient power, heating and cooling systems, and specialises in planning and implementing energy efficiency solutions to cut water and energy consumption for its clients. 

“TES has successfully implemented its plan to slash energy use at the 800-bed Yueyang Hospital in Shanghai, saving an estimated $400,000 on annual power bills and significantly reducing its environmental impact. Not surprisingly, the company is now in discussions to implement a second phase of energy reduction measures at the hospital,” Mr Robertson said.

“I met with representatives of TES and Yueyang Hospital in Shanghai today to hear first hand about the improvements, and the benefits they are bringing.

“TES designed and integrated 8 different technologies to bring about this substantial energy saving. The solution focused on reducing running costs of air conditioning and lighting, improving the efficiency of the hospital’s steam system and improving water conservation. The improvements will save over 300,000 litres of diesel fuel oil per year, which on its own is represents a major contribution to the environment.

“The success of this project clearly demonstrates the company’s energy management capacity, and has helped boost it’s profile, positioning TES to win more of this kind of business in China.

“TES is working closely with the Shanghai Hospital Development Centre, which provides leadership in energy conservation for healthcare systems in Shanghai, and I was on hand today as the company signed a new contract agreement to design and implement an energy saving plan at the Shanghai No.3 Hospital.

“The technologies applied by TES are equally applicable to hotels, commercial buildings, shopping centres and factories to help meet the Shanghai Municipal Government’s target of 20% energy reduction by 2012.”

Mr Robertson said that the Queensland Government was leading by example, and supporting innovative Queensland companies looking to help clients overseas to adopt greener technologies and practices.

“Trade Queensland assists companies like TES by providing market intelligence, assistance in establishing a local office, advice on market strategies, and introductions to potential clients.

“The Queensland Government has also introduced the Strategic Energy Efficiency Policy and established Energy Conservation programs using a method known as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) to guarantee the achievement of energy savings in Queensland’s own buildings. 

“Under this policy, TES has completed a number of energy saving projects for government office buildings and other public infrastructure in Queensland, acting as an advertisement overseas.

“For example, TES’s solutions implemented in a number of Queensland hospitals include lighting retrofits, upgrading air conditioning systems and changes to Hospital Building Management Systems. The savings for each facility are guaranteed under a performance contract, as they were for the Yueyang Hospital,” Mr Robertson said.