Trade Minister Launches Shanghai Project

L7 May 2009




The Australian Minister for Trade, Simon Crean launched an energy efficiency project during his visit to Shanghai today. The project will be carried out by the Australian company Total Energy Solutions (TES), and will help a major local hospital, Yue Yang Hospital, achieve its energy conservation targets and make significant financial savings through reduced energy use.


Speaking at the launch, Mr Crean said that the TES project demonstrated the capabilities of the Australian clean energy sector and noted development and deployment of clean energy and environmental technologies is a priority for both the Australian and Chinese governments.


“Australian companies have the expertise to assist Chinese government and commercial enterprises to meet their energy conservation targets by providing a wide range of energy efficiency services and products.


“This project is an excellent example of the opportunities for two way cooperation in the energy efficiency and environmental  technology fields,” Mr Crean said.


TES Managing Director, Mr Wynne Henderson made the following observations:


“We first came to China because we wanted to use the expertise and experience in energy conservation we have developed over more than 15 years in Australia to contribute to the Chinese Government’s commitment to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment for future generations.


“The Yue Yang Hospital project is tangible proof that we can make a difference in Shanghai and we look forward to working with other large users of energy both here and across China to help reduce their energy consumption.”



Notes for editors


Total Energy Solutions is a Queensland-based company which designs and installs efficient small scale power, heating and cooling systems which provide solutions to reduce water and energy consumption. The company has delivered comprehensive energy conservation services for many health, education and other institutions in Australia


In January 2009, TES won an RMB 3 Million contract to provide energy services to Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai (a major 800-bed hospital which practices both Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine). TES has guaranteed to save the hospital more than RMB 2 million per year, which represents a reduction of more than 10 per cent of the site’s total energy use, by reducing running costs of air conditioning and lighting, improving the operational efficiency of the hospital’s steam system

and improving water conservation practices.


TES expect a transformation in the Chinese energy market over the next 3-5 years, with natural gas fired cogeneration and trigeneration plants being matched to the electrical, heating and cooling needs of commercial and industrial facilities, including hospitals, hotels, commercial office buildings, shopping centres, universities, schools, processing and manufacturing plants.


The company estimates that such a change would increase the efficient use of energy by the end user from around 34% to over 85%, dramatically reducing the energy costs and CO2 emissions of large business users. TES is the exclusive distributor of compact cogeneration packaged plants manufactured in Germany by Schmitt Enertec for the whole of China, and it hopes to play an active role in achieving this transformation.